Real heroes don’t wear capes.

They wear Masks.

Support our medical staff, social workers and kita-teachers by donating high-quality, reusable, handmade masks.

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The Heldenmaske

Germany faces a great shortage of protection-masks. We want to do something about it – and so can you with the Heldenmaske!

The Heldenmaske is a self-made MNP (Mouth-Nose- Protection) mask and it’s been developed and proven with nurses and hospitals. It’s machine sewed and it consists of two layers of high quality cotton. Therefore its 60° washable and can be sterilized which makes it reusable.

The donation-model gives everyone the opportunity to participate, stand in solidarity & help the ones working on the front line for our society. These masks will provide a first line of defense to help reduce exposure.

+ washable + reusable + sterilizable + hospital – proven +

The Need

Germany and The World are facing a great shortage of protection masks. Therefore, hospitals, social bodies, kitas and other high-risk working groups are urgently in need of protection. Many have runned out of supplies and provide only one mask per person – some of them not recommended to be reused. The need is tangible and hospitals as social bodies are open for solutions from initiatives. The heldenmaske can not solve the challenge alone, but it can be a part of the solution – and so can you.

How does it work?

You give
We get fabric and sew masks
Heroes reach out to us and request the amount needed
Masks are delivered as a gift without charging any fee
You donate
We get fabric and sew masks
Heroes reach out to us and request the amount needed
Masks are delivered as a gift without charging any fee


Som initiatives we support and companies we’re working with.

Are you the next Hero? Let’s partner!

I wear the mask at work in the hospital. It is super comfortable and i actually got a lot of compliments. My colleagues liked the mask so much, that they all now got one as well. We love it!

Susanne K.Nurse

The #Heldenmasken help us to help others. We are very happy about all the people supporting us so we can provide food for people in need every day.


Big thank you – those masks are a real treasure. One day a mother asked me: Where did you get those beautiful masks with the “Held*in” on side?


From now on I can use my own community mask at work. Next to the protection of myself and others, I am automatically saving valuable medical masks, which can be used where they are needed the most.



Questions? Comments? You want to be a part of the solution? Reach out to us!

Your Kindness Project Team